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Bibliographies and Relevant Websites on Multiracial Children’s Books

Introduction Interracial Children's and Young Adult Nonfiction

Interracial Children's and Young Adult Novels

Interracial Family Themes in Picture Books

A World of Difference Institute

Adoption Multiracial Books for Children


Books for Kids Great Books For Interracial Children
A very thorough list of books about interracial children compiled by Jana Fine and posted to the PUBYAC list.

Children’s’ multiracial books about race, multiracial families and skin color.

Who’s the Mommy?

Wednesday, September 19, 2007 Books for Biracial children birth age to 8A blog for parents of biracial or multiracial children.

Resources By And About Interracial and Multi-Cultural People (1996-1999) U Mich. School of Education

Global Reading:

Selected Literature for Children and Teens
Set in Other Countries Compiled by Megan Schliesman Copyright © 2007 Cooperative Children's Book Center

August 18, 2007 short booklist of current books Emily Jiang is a writer of Children's and YA Literature blogs and lists about crossing cultures Crossing Cultural Borders: 6 Categories

Horning, Kathleen T.

Recommended Picture Books Featuring Interracial Families 2006 19 February 2008 updated periodically.

Fine, Jane Great Books For Interracial Children 2001 Posted to the PUBYAC List 19 February 2008

Cooperative Children's Book Center; updated periodically

Shen’s Blog: 2007

Week 1 (starting 7/16) -

Stranger in a Strange Land: Americans Traveling to Other Cultures

Week 2 (starting 7/23) –

Re-landscaping the Hero's Journey: The Connection Between Fantasy Stories and Multicultural Literature

Week 3 (starting 7/30) -

Becoming American: Immigration Stories
(8/6 thru 8/12 is a hiatus)

Week 4 (starting 8/13) -

The Hyphenated American Experience: Voices of Americans Who Look Like "The Other"

Week 5 (starting 8/20) -

Writing What You Don't Know: Creating Characters and Stories Outside of One's Ethnicity and Culture

Week 6 (starting 8/27) - The Future

Not biblio but great sites :

Childcare health

Northwest Regional Education Laboratory

Association of Multi Ethnic America for adults

Useful Links

Prepared by: Katalan Radnay, Baltimore


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