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MHFRC supports unencumbered travel of multiple heritage people through their lives and their communities via implementation of its core values including Valor, Education, Empowerment, Support and Acceptance.


The mission of the Multiple Heritage Family Resource Center (MHFRC) is to provide a network of support for multiracial, multiethnic, and multicultural families, helping them to find resources, helping them to engage in creative decision making, and helping them enhance their skills for developing and maintaining healthy individuals, families, and communities.

MFRC is a diverse group of individuals serving as instructors, guides, and advocates who focus upon educating, empowering, and encouraging people to accept themselves and others for all of who they are, and who promote the acceptance of the many varied ways multiethnic individuals and their families may choose to identify themselves.


The vision of the Multiple Heritage Family Resource Center (MHFRC) is to:

  • Be at the forefront of development of innovative education and support programs for multiethnic, multiracial, and multicultural children and families.
  • Create world wide awareness of the multiethnic community, offer insights into the interests of the multiethnic community, and provide information about resources available to the multiethnic community.
  • Be an organization with local impact, a national scope of influence, and a global perspective.
  • Be an organization with the ability to share what it develops with individuals, groups, organizations, and community leaders.
  • Be a model of excellence for multiethnic family capacity building

  • Family Mentoring that develops hope and safe passage for children and families through coaching that gives support and direction.
  • Resource Guidance that provides a reference database of books, films and counseling information specific to multiethnic children and families.
  • Education that provides an opportunity for participation in activities that inform about and/or promote pride in having a multiethnic heritage.

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