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The listing of an organization, a facility, or clinician on the Multiple Heritage Family Resource Center (MHFRC) Web Site is intended to be for convenience and informational purposes only. By listing an organization, a facility, or clinician with the MHFRC does not represent or warrant the adequacy or competence of organization, facility, or clinician. MHFRC has listed such resources based on the representations of such organization, facility or clinician that such organization, facility or clinician is properly licensed and accredited and provides certain enumerated information and services to individuals. MHFRC makes no promises, representations, or warranties that such organizations, facilities, or clinicians provide the services or information specified, or that client will achieve the desired outcome from such services. Should an individual choose to obtain information or receive services from one of the resources listed with the MHFRC, the center is not responsible in any way whatsoever for the results received, accomplished or not accomplished by receiving, or not receiving, such services.


Love Isn't Enough (NEW!)

Adoption Mosaic

Oregon Post Adoptive Resource Center

Dr Joseph Crumbley

Oregon Council on Multiracial Affairs

Association of Multiethnic Americans

Mavin Foundation

[MAVIN, in collaboration with the Association of MultiEthnic Americans, has successfully launched the next iteration of the MHC website. Mixed Heritage Center]

World Affairs Council of Oregon

Asian Reporter (Multicultural Event Listings)

Youth and Children's Library 

An 'antiracist parent' list serve… pretty cool
(a current focus seemed to be looking at transracial adoption or multiracial families and recommended readings for parents)….
Dr. Krista M. Malott